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Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Industrial Building Example Analysis and Design by TBDY 2018. -

On September 19, 2020 for the technical personnel from Turkish Precast Concrete Association (TRB) member organizations, a training seminer was held on in Istanbul. Five months ago, TRB published a very important handbook for precast concrete design engineers named "Prefabricated…

Publicity Campaign: Yapidaguvence -

Since 2012, Turkish Precast Concrete Association and the Turkish Standards Institute have together applied a quality control mechanism to the precast concrete projects, productions and applications of the firms who asks to receive a certificate named TSE K 118. Starting…

TPB Sosyal Medya Logoları Turkey Precast Concrete Association Social Media Accounts -

Turkey Precast Concrete Association (TPB) to reach the official social media accounts can use the links below. Instagram Youtube Twitter Facebook

Turkey Prefabricated Union Technical Reference Manual Published by. -

The book “The Analysis and Design of Typical Precast Reinforced Concrete Industrial Building According to the TBDY 2018 (Turkish Building Earthquake Regulation 2018)”  June 2020. Authors: Prof. Dr. Ercan Yüksel, Ümit Özkan, Msc in Civil Eng.  Published by Turkish Precast…

Beton ve Beton Bileşenleri Semineri Web Training Seminars -

Webinars realized on “Concrete and Concrete Components” for the students of Civil Engineering department  of Giresun University and Munzur University with the cooperation of with Construction Products Producers Federation (YÜF) and  Turkish Precast Concrete Association (TPB)

Videos were broadcast within the scope of TSE K 118 Promotion Campaign. -

​​​The Turkish Precast Concrete Association (TPB) promotes TSE K 118 standard, a structural assurance system that stipulates production accordance with and enables independent auditors to audit their members in Turkey​. The videos they have created within the framework of the…

Web Conferences Held. -

Web conferences organized  regionally  with the participation of  member organizations representatives.

Analysis and Design of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete According to the New Regulation (TBDY 2018) -

On 05 November 2020, within the scope of online training seminars organized by the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO), the "Analysis and Design of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete According to the New Regulation (TBDY 2018)" activity was…

Turkey Earthquake Building Regulation was held with the 2018 Education Reference Design and Analysis. -

Technical trainings on  design of precast concrete projects according to the Turkish Building Earthquake Regulation 2018 realized for  member organizations’ project engineers in Ankara and  İzmir.7